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Blojsom LogoThis is my first real post after finishing the blojsom setup.

It wasn’t the easiest process but the results are quite good.

Before choosing Blojsom as the weblog engine I looked at the several alternatives such as Apache roller or Pebble. I finally decided to choose Blojsom because it had an easy install and had support for PostgreSQL.

Apache Roller has some more features and is part of the Apache foundation group. But it has a much more complex setup process and has lots of dependencies. Pebble instead is too light weight and doesn’t suffice the requirements for this blog.

Blojsom setup Process:

  1. Download Blojsom
  2. Setup the Blojsom database in PostgreSQL (Just need to create the database and the user)
  3. Upload the war file to the webapp server.
  4. Complete the setup process by editing two configuration files and creating the administrator user.
  5. Blog customization. This was the hardest part of all. There’s not much documentation available. And the old themes (there are quite a few and very good ones) aren’t compatible with blojsom 3.1.

All in all I must say that I’m quite happy with this piece of software.

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One thought on “Blojsom setup finished

  • David Czarnecki

    Yes, documentation is light on the 3.x wiki since I’m still just trying to find time to finish up the plugin documentation and some of the other odds and ends like the themes and the dispatchers. Don’t be shy on the blojsom-users mailing list if you’re looking for help in customizing your blog.